camping recap

on friday we headed to bennett springs state park, outside of lebanon, mo. we were the first to arrive at the park, and it was busy. we hadn’t made reservations, because it has been b’s experience that when you don’t make reservations you usually get a better site…so we didn’t. the sweet, but slow-moving, older gentleman at the check in place was no help. he gave us a few options and we headed to up check them out. two of the spots he suggested were all ready taken and the other was only open for friday night.

finally we decided on two sites across the road from each other. they were not secluded and were located right by the entrance and the dumpster. but whatever. we get the dogs unloaded and situated (aka tied up to posts and trees) and got to work on the tents.

amanda and pudge showed up after a bit, followed by will and ashley. we spent friday night hanging out by the fire, drinking some beers and some hot whiskey cider. kel and brad made it in a little after 10 and i think most of us were in bed by midnight or one.

the next morning b made breakfast.. fried bacon in a cast iron skillet, fried biscuits in the grease, fried eggs in all of that…amanda also brought cinnamon rolls, which we heated in the fire. oh lawdy. that was good breakfast…

from there b, brad, will and ashley headed down to start fishing, while amanda, kelly, the dogs and i stayed up at the camp for a while, cleaned up a bit, relaxed, drank a beer and then headed down for a hike. the walk from the campsite down to the stream was pretty steep and we decided then that we would not be walking back up it. we walked down and met up with the fishers, now included ryan, di, the boys and baby gwyn. we hung out for a bit, then headed to the hatchery to check it out before our hike.

i remember going to a hatchery when i was little and it may have been this one. it is such an interesting thing to see. that afternoon the sun was shining and in one of the pool there was this amazing, bright green moss. it was beautiful. i didn’t have my camera on me and went i went back by on our way out-of-town the sun wasn’t right to catch it. bummer.

from there we went on a hike, alongside the stream. it was gorgeous and the weather was perfect. eventually we met back up with everyone else and headed back to the campsite for dinner and wiffle ball. after a full day, topped off with some alcoholic beverages, no one stayed up very late, but good times were had by all. the next morning we got up, got packed up and headed out.

on our way out of the park we stopped at the hatchery again, to try to catch some of that green moss and some of the fish, but the lighting just wasn’t right. here are a few i took…

they are so packed into some of the pools. it really is wild.

we decided on out way home we would go through roaring river state park as well, since it is on our way and i have never been. it is another trout hatchery. here is winnie and me on our way!

roaring river is really beautiful and all though i didn’t check out the spring at bennett, this one is gorgeous. we walked back to look at the spring and the huge trout, took a little hike, checked out the hatchery and headed our happy (and tired) asses home.

happy birthday b! and thanks to our friends for making it special!

One thought on “camping recap

  1. I camped many years at RRiver. It is one of my favorite places to fish for trout. On my 40th birthday I did a three day camp by myself ! It was life changing. Uncle Gary and Unc Tracey came the last day and fished with me. I learned I was comfortable with who I am even in quiet, vunerable moments by myself. I left with some direction, not in my journey, but in my heart and head. Nature – is good medicine. LVU

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