ahoy & welcome

i am terra, a (almost) 29 year old who recently quit my job  to move from kansas city to arkansas with my boyfriend and 2 mutts. why you ask?

because i opened a prana catalouge and saw a mary oliver quote. it asked me “what do plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” and i decided that it was finally time to leave the city i love and have always called home.
it was finally time to give up content and stable for happy and growing.
if only it were that easy.
we found a house, placed an offer, went through several rounds of counter offers, got a contract on the house, i quit my job, sold my car and then the house fell through.
i have spent the past two months floating between home, in kansas city,  staying with family in arkansas and southern missouri and now find myself staying in brooklyn with a friend for two weeks.
my life is in a sate of flux that i am learning to find my bliss in.
it sounds so cheesy, but that is where i am at in life.

this is a place to share things i love. things i like. things i like to think about. read about. listen to. obsess over. things that inspire me and irritate me. and things that are happening with me.

thanks for coming.

i hope you are well.


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