ahoy & hello

it has been a little over a year since i started this blog and i feel like it is about time i update my welcome.
i am no longer (almost) 29, i am thirty and not flirty.
i am about to celebrate my one year anniversary working for an intense and exciting digital agency on an account team.
my husband and i have celebrated our one year anniversary.
and the two mutts are living it up in the country.

ahoyfriend has seen many subjects, helped me accomplish many goals and also been horribly neglected at times. but she remains a faithful friend.
this is still a place to share things i love. things i like. things i like to think about. read about. listen to. obsess over. things that inspire me and irritate me. and things that are happening with me.
it is also home to anyday, the (most successdul )part of this blog where my girl liz and i post every weekday. one photo from wherever she is and one from wherever i am.

i had big dreams for ahoyfriend. but little by little she is becoming something i am proud of. a part of me.
so check in on us every now and then.

i hope you are well,


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