the year of cautious optimism

this has been quite the year. i mean, i have now sang sober karaoke TWICE.

bringing in 2011 at morgan’s with as many of my favorite people as possible.

my first real live ski trip and the accompanying road trip with kelly and brad where we ate doughnuts every day!

deciding to move to arkansas. telling all of our family and friends. finding a house, placing an offer, packing up all of our shit, quitting my shiny new job and the whole thing fall through.

our going away, but just not yet party.

two weeks in brooklyn. TWO WHOLE FREAKING WEEKS. in one of my favorite places with two of my favorite people. and then two more of my favorite people joined the party and one of them asked me to marry him! or maybe we just decided we were going to get married? having just enough battery left to call my mom. walking out of that restaurant to fire works.

committing to what i wanted our wedding to be like and going for it as hard as i could.

joplin. going to joplin with morgan and sarah. seeing it in person. meeting people whose lives had just been destroyed. being a part of something bigger. bryce calling me to see if i wanted to drive to arkansas with him to check out a house. he picked me up in joplin and we headed down and peeked in all the windows. then we checked it out. and we placed an offer. and i held my breath that it wouldn’t all fall apart.

dusty made me homemade doughnuts for my birthday. and my friends gave me thoughtful gifts. my t necklace from jessica. that beautful vase from sarah. tim’s beautiful eyeshadow from amanda. and that freaking hilarious card.

we got the house. finished packing. hung out with friends as much as i could. on june 24th we packed a big freaking uhaul full of all our crap, packed up the buddies and drove away from the town that had been my home for so long. (…and i just got teary)

that same day, our amazing niece gwyneth kate was born. and i love that little lady.

unpacking. cleaning. painting. planning the wedding. getting better at wakeboarding. sun. sun. sun. bryce getting me my kayak. being amazed by the sunrise every day.

company. so much company. it wasn’t even like we had left. nick and chris started us out right, coming down 4th of july weekend. then kelly and brad. jill and brandon. dusty and shaun. torre and the kids. FRIENDS FLOATISH! and momilla. so many nights on the deck.

ripping sheets. decoupaging frames. stamping paper goods. getting talked out of insanity by my lady loves. dress shopping. (funny how one made me think of the other) sharing my dreams with my favorite ladies and seeing them make it all happen. the feeling of relief when we knew that, not only was the sheet canopy going to work, it was going to look amazing. friends and family working together to give us that day. having that many people you love in one place is such an amazing feeling.

the buddymoon. that steak dinner. arkansauced.

my decision to go to cosemetology school. how quickly that decision changed.

the start of anyday.

landing the job i wanted.

friends thanksgiving. lake edition. it was the first time our house has been THAT full and it was awesome. i loved having all of them here. and i also love that the tradition means enough to all of us that we are willing to go the extra steps to make it happen even though we moved.

this year has been willd and wonderful. moving has changed our lives in many ways, but honestly, it was a great decision for us. it is so nice to be near our families. and it is just beautiful.

to go back and look at where i was last year at this time i had to go back to the old blog. ahoy! was born in may, when i was trying to figure my life out and decided that doing it on a blog called she’s complaining again probably wasn’t helping my positive thinking at all.

it is funny that i named this post the year of cautious optimism before i looked at last year’s post. in it i said:

2009 was a good year for me and 2010 was even better.
so i go into 2011 (cautiously) optimistic.

apparently this stuck with me.

in my farewell to 2008, aptly titled thank god that one is over , i asked 2009 for higher lows and in return i would take lower highs, and “i got something better… higher lows and higher highs as well.”

i described 2010 as a year of accomplishments and it was. it was also apparently just what i needed to give me the courage, drive and balls to get through 2011.

2011 was amazing and heartbreaking, a year of intense personal growth. a year of the change. enjoying the highest of highs between being blindsided by unexpected and unusual lows.

2012, be kind and prove me wrong, prove that you aren’t the kind of year i feel life you might be.

happy new year friends.








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