the first run in a while

so i went running on tuesday.

it has been off and on rainy in nyc and will be until sunday, but after not leaving the house on monday i knew it wasn’t an option. i run in my vibram fivefingers and i am still getting used to running in them since i have had no motivation or desire to run for the past many months. running with the fivefingers uses different muscles and calls for a different stride and you have to ease into them.

here is my run. it wasn’t far, but if felt good and i am still sore today.

running in new york on a misty day almost makes running sounds fun.

but still not quite 🙂

oh and i had a wicked side ache for the last third of the run. i tried to will it away, but no luck. some article i read on proper breathing reminded my brain what to do. i am sure i sounded like someone doing lamaze and was making the weird face.

also i think it is worth mentioning that i walked over 18,000 steps on monday wearing boots. ugh, ouch.

your turn!

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