craigslist couches

my husband and his family are the world’s best craigslist shoppers. ever. before my birthday bryce scored a couch and matching love seat that are brown and yellow herringbone. straight out of the 70s. they are amazing. he went to joplin to buy them from some woman, who bought them at an estate sale from a university of arkansas professor, who had them in his formal living room for 20+ years. you may think it sounds awful, and that is fine. i am pumped.

the area of the basement that will be blessed with those fine pieces of furniture will be our backwoods version of this hampton’s beach house.

tonight bryce went to tulsa to pick up a brown leather sofa, love seat, chair and ottoman that his mom found. on the way back, the car in front of him slammed on the breaks, and so he followed suit and swerved to miss the car. after getting away from the situation he looked in the rear view mirror to see if there was a wreck. there wasn’t, but then he realized that being able to see through the back window was not a good thing. the chair had flown out of the bed of the truck when he swerved. so, he went back to get it. in a quick diagnosis, while trying to get a chair into the bed of the truck alone on the side of the highway, he thinks the back is fairly jacked up, but not nearly as bad as you think it should look for flying out of a truck on a highway. he also pointed out that it could have been run over by another car, or he could have hit the dude who slammed on his breaks. either way…we still got a pretty sweet deal.

now, if he would just get home so i can check it out…

these couches work out nicely, as i pinned this as something i liked for the basement a while back and it seems to be coming together, in our own way.

Source: via terra on Pinterest

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