i think i just freaked out a little

it is a windy day down here in the tree-tops of arkansas. but still no rain.
i was sitting here, in the office, making some to-do lists and looking for some things on line when all of the sudden i realized it…
and while if the wedding were tomorrow, i have no doubt it would look great
THERE IS STILL A TON OF SH*T TO GET DONE. b needs a ring. and something to wear. and i still need shoes. and to buy new makeup. and finalize accessories. and wood still needs to be cut. sheets still need to be ripped. and tied. lights need to be gathered and counted. things need stamped and painted. vows need to be figured out. ceremony needs to be finalized. and how i would love to have this house painted before it all goes down. ha!

next week i am headed back to kc and friends, you better be ready to craft! (by craft i mean rip sheets, tie sheets together, maybe some painting)

so while i would love to chat, i better go down  to the dungeon and get to craftin’ before the day gets away from me!



3 thoughts on “i think i just freaked out a little

  1. if you give instructions, i would be happy to rip up some sheets & you could pick them up while you are in KC this weekend!! let me know 😀

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