still painting…

today i am trying to finish painting our bedroom. we got most of it done last weekend, but ran out of paint. i went into town on a mad errand running session on monday and got some more. we also just decided to pick a color for the dining room and go for it.we originally wanted something bright in there, but after going with the griege in the living room we opted for something dark. appropriately called mysterious. ha! this is the third color we have thrown up on the dining room wall.

i love the orange, so expect to see some thrown in the room somewhere. i mean, be ready for some bright colors to be thrown in every where.

so far i am happy with the colors we have gone with and think they will be a nice backdrop for some bolder decorating decisions.

so in the bedroom we have benjamin moore’s flora.

in the living room (and will be down the hallway as well) we have pittsburgh paint’s ashen.

in the kitchen we have benjamin moore’s atmosphereic

and in the dining room we are going with benjamin moore’s mysterious.

the light changes the colors so much throughout the day, but so far i like them all. here are some crappy camera phone pics to give you a little better of an idea. i swear, i will have a real camera soon.

living room, into kitchen (the living room doesn’t typically look this orange, but it is a good photo of the kitchen color)

dining room into living room


once we get things more put together i will give you some better shots 🙂

until then, have a nice weekend!

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