{get crafty} week 15- liz’s wood round…a work in progress

after i made the first wood round my girl liz commented that she wanted one for her birthday. but then the next week when i got started on the birds, she decided maybe that was what she wanted. and then i decided i would attemp a mix of both.

liz, if you want this all to be a surprise, sorry! but, it isn’t finished yet, so there is still some mystery.

so, i started out with a wood round, but i taped some off, like i did with the bird board.

then i got to painting circles. last time i said i had wished i had painted the circles in completely. this time i did, and i was happier with the result.

i got all the circles done, but this sucker is not done yet.

next i will remove the paint. i think i will cut along the tape lines first, to avoid the paint issues i had on the board. then there is some stenciling and carving to be done. and, for now, i will leave it at that!

(updated: check out the finished product here)

oh yeah, here is the board with all the birds carved out….

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