{get crafty} week 11- woodrings, acrylic on tree

this weekend i saw a post on a friend’s pinterest of painted wood rounds. the rounds were several inches thick and appear to be  maybe four inches wide. they had smooth sides and had been sanded smooth on the top. they look to be finished with several layers of glaze.

and so i decided i would take that and go with it. i have lots of wood rounds left from the wedding. they are not more than a few inches thick and probably a foot wide. they were cut with a chain saw and never sanded down. so, staying true to my roots, i did nothing to it and got to work.

for the first, and largest circle i traced an embroidery hoop i got at the antique mall a few months ago.

for the next, i went with a plate i got on the same trip. after that an old saucer. then i remembered i had a protractor.

but it is a fancy protractor. not the kind that you put a pencil in, but the kind that just takes lead. lead that i ran out of. so then i turned to my trusted circle stencils to finish me out.

and then it was done.

a little up close and personal.

lessons learned? next time fill the outer circle in completely with paint and add a layer for each circle after that. by starting the project on sunday, i didn’t allow time for this (who am i kidding? these things are almost always done on sunday).

also, pretty much everything in my craft room could really use a few (or 10) coats of polyurethane.

so…you like?

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