{get crafty} week 14- bird board, carving on acrylic on wood

so, this week ends with another unfinished project. the truth of the matter is that i am getting to the point where i want to be taking on projects that take longer than a week to complete. what does this mean for the get crafty posts? nothing yet. for now, you are just getting unfinished projects and my word that when i finish them i will show you!

again, with inspiration from a quilt on pinterest, i grabbed a piece of scrap wood and got to work. i decided i wanted to have some of the wood show throught, so i taped some off before i started painting. for paint i used benjamin moore mysterious. we had bought this to use in the house and it ended up not working, but it still goes with everything we picked out. bryce has commented that i never make anything that would go in our house, so this is my attempt.

once that all dried i stenciled a bunch of birds all over the board. the original plan was to paint them. but then i started carving them out with a pocket knife.

this was taking a lot of time and i was just waiting for the moment that i would cut my hand open and land myself in the E.R.. so today i decided to bust out the dremel and with it, the safety goggles.

so the two smaller birds i carved with a knife and then cleaned them up a bit with the dremel. the big one i did totally with the dremel. then i decided i would just out line the rest. what you see below is where i am at currently. there are about 15 more birds to take care of and from there i will see if i want to add any additional color to the piece.

what do you think?

UPDATED! You can see the finished product at the bottom of this post.

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