the word fiancé weirds me out

one day this spring b and i went to la bodega for happy hour and while we were there, sippin on sangira, we got to talking about engagement rings. up until this point i was told that i would have no say in my ring, that it would be all him. however, on this particular night i was informed that my input was welcome.

i was also informed that i was expected to propose proposal to him. you know, so he would know i was serious. ha!

later that night at nick and christina’s, with the ring off the top of a creme de methe bottle, i asked bryce to ask me to marry him. he said yes.

then i began stalking erie basin openly. this site was sent to me by a friend and fellow antique jewelry lover a while ago. we have always sent each other links back and forth of his new posts and what we love. when it came time that i was actually looking for my own ring things were a little different. i think the diamonds and platinum settings of art deco are so amazing and in high school and college i always said that if a guy proposed with a gold ring the answer would be no (so harsh!). oh how things change.

in an attempt to win boyfriend of the year and probably save some sanity, b sent me to brooklyn to stay with my girl liz and her man adam for two weeks. to be honest right before i left i was in the dumps. in the few days that i was home between helping my mom and leaving for nyc i was a wreck. but i knew i needed to go. i knew that once i was there i would be able to get a grip and gain some perspective. all of which i did….but we can talk about that soon.

i also knew that erie basin’s shop is in brooklyn! so i put it on the list of things i would like to do. i got to nyc on may 10 and on may 12th he put up this post. there it was. at the bottom of the stack. i had known for sometime that i really liked yellow gold, but had a hard time finding just what i wanted. gold and too much sparkle is too much. but this, with the white gold inlay, was just too good.

on saturday liz, adam and i headed down to red hook where i had my first ever lobster roll at the red hook lobster pound. oh my butter it, it was goooood. from there we headed down to erie basin. i tried on all the sparky engagement rings and, while they were all so beautiful, it solidified the fact that hunks of diamond look ridiculous on me. so finally i put on the simple ring and i loved it. i tried a few different bands on with it, until i found the one i got. we stood around looking at it for a while, took a picture and told the owner that i hoped to be back next weekend.

on my second week in nyc b was working in pennsylvania and so he had been thinking about coming to brooklyn for the weekend. i hadn’t heard from him and so friday i text to see if he was coming and he was. that night liz, adam, b and i drank some beers, went to a lovely dinner where we may have drank a smidge too much tequila and headed home. the next day we scored a morgan, who had just finished shooting a wedding in the hamptons. it was the first sunny day we had in a while. we celebrated by day drinking on a patio, walking to another neighborhood for more patio drinks and then eventually heading back to red hook to take morgan to sunny’s, this great little bluegrass bar. oh yeah, and to take b by erie basin. just as we are leaving carroll gardens it started to rain again, but a taxi showed up at just the right time and we were off.

so we get there and we walk in and the gold band isn’t in the case. my heart dropped. i asked him about it and he produced the ring from a drawer. relief! so i showed it to b and then we looked at some of the other rings and he showed me what he liked and what he would have picked out on his own. they were beautiful! but alas, i still loved the gold band.

“well, if that is what you want then that is what we are going to get”

and we got it. we stepped outside on their stoop to wait out the rain and we decided it would be a good idea for me to just wear them that night. we were going out drinking and i have a way of forgetting things and i didn’t want to forget these! so i put them on. then b took them off and put them back on, being as awkward as possible about it, in true b fashion. so, with rings on we headed down to see the statue of liberty from afar and then headed to dinner.

midway through dinner drag queen karaoke kicked in. she was awful. after we ate b and i had a conversation about the rings. was he going to take them with him when he left the next day? was i going to bring them back with me? was he going to hold onto them until he figured out a proposal? (i dunno) did i want some planned out proposal? (no) would i marry him? (YES!!!!!!!) we are so easy. should we tell our friends that are sitting at the other end of the table thinking we are being creeps for making out in the corrner? (AH HELL YEAH!)

and then the celebration continued. b’s phone was dead and mine was dying and so all i was able to do was call my mama.  when we left the restaurant there were fireworks going off from governor’s island.

it was perfect. unplanned. easy. and i couldn’t be happier or more excited!

so there you go….let the wedding planning games begin!

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