ahoyfriend in 2014

hi! my name is terra. i live on the north side of Beaver Lake, in Northwest Arkansas with my husband and two mutts. i make mixed media art, hand coil baskets and curate a vintage collection for my Etsy shop, aptly named, ahoyfriend! i enjoy making, reading, hiking, dancing, laughing, writing, kayaking, biking and playing card and board games. in my free time i work as a disruptive HR professional at a fast moving digital marketing agency.

sometimes you will find my words here, but most of the time you will find “anyday” posts. these happen once a day, monday through friday, where my sisterfriend liz and i each post a photo from our respective locations in a single blog post.

photos are our own, typically taken by our iphones. words and thoughts belong to us and us alone.

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