happy birthday, anyday

today marks one year for anyday photo postings!
here is what liz has to say about our little adventure:
anyday is one of my favorite parts of the day!  i’m constantly on the lookout for ahoy-worthy pictures.  it’s so much fun to see what the two of us come up with so far away from each other,  and pretty cool when we’re both capturing photos that are really alike or compliment each other.  it’s a guaranteed talk/chat/email/text to my best lady friend out there and i’m looking forward to the next year!  ahoy! xo

and my slightly longer version where i say basically the same thing:
it is pretty crazy how long it took me to get all the way back to the first day of anyday. it was fun to skim through the last year, with lots of memories being triggered along the way.

this past year has been crazy and i love that five days a week (with one exception where i posted a day late) for the last 52 weeks, liz and i have posted photos.
that means that at least 260 out of 365 days, liz and i have communicated in one way or another. some days it is nothing more than “draft” from one of us and “pub” from the other. some days are quite the email or text exchange. for at least a solid 6 months our messages were either the word draft or the word published, worked into song lyrics. that was almost always good for an immature laugh.

i have said i was going to do a lot of things on this blog, and i haven’t kept up with any of the them the way i have with anyday. hell, i think most of you reading this probably are confused why i call it anyday and not ahoy.
anyday, over the past year, has really become ahoy! and it is just as much liz’s as it is mine and that makes sense to me.
ahoy is our inside joke. i named it in her apartment. ahoy has been our greeting, our celebration exclamation for some time. and i have loved sharing it. i know that these posts are just as important to liz as they are to me. a lot of the time her reminders are what keep me on track.

so i hope you have enjoyed them along the way too. your feedback has always been so wonderful to hear.

happy birthday, anyday. i heart you.
i heart you too, for reading this and sharing with us.


and yes, we both type without capitols.

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