{get crafty} week 7- winteresque string art

my jillybeans was in town this weekend. and while she was working on a doll house for her niece, i was frantically trying to get my craft on. after pulling out all kinds of supplies and deciding none of them were the way i wanted to go, i grabbed a piece of wood and started to stencil. while i was waiting for the stencil to dry, jill and i got to talking about the week 4 string art and how i planned to make more of them. so i grabbed a piece of wood and got to work.

there are no before pics…the camera was charging and i didn’t think this would be the craft of the week!

it is pretty easy to imagine what it was to start with, a triangle of plywood that has half inch holes drilled in it. why does it have holes drilled in it? because it was supposed to be part of the rock climbing wall, but it didn’t make the cut, so it is mine all mine. i really liked the negative space in the first one and i wanted that again, but knew that the bursts of string would be smaller, so i didn’t want anything drastic. i found the triangle, took it outisde, and spray painted it with light blue and metallic silver spray paint. while it dried i went out back and picked out some branches. then i got to work nailing.

lessons learned this go-around:

  1. nails don’t work well as a center point, at least not the small nails i had. then the string has nothing to hold onto and is much harder to work with. i prefer screws and need to get some different sizes to work with
  2. i should seriously consider putting hangers on the pieces before i start them.

so here he is:


up close and personal


side view




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