{get crafty} week 4- sticks and strings, mixed media

if you have seen the photos i post for anyday, you know i am a little obsessed with the trees around here. i can’t see the sunset from my house, but given the timing, i get to see it on the drive home. it never gets old. the bright sun through all the naked branches. so i thought i would try and capture it.

the mister built a rock climbing wall in the basement. this means that i have all kinds of fun wood scraps to work with. this is the piece i chose for this week.

first i took that bad boy outside and spray painted it with some wedding leftovers. red. orange and pink. for having no idea what i am doing with spray paint, i think it turned out well.

then i put on some shoes and got some sticks out of the yard. my first thought was to hot glue them…but i didn’t have any glue. i thought i would gorilla glue them, but a quick trail showed that it was not going to work. and then i decided to try nailing them on. i tested the plan on some scrap wood and was pleased with the result.

next up, my new obsession, STRING ART!

when i got done i really liked what i was seeing, but it felt off balance. at first i thought i would paint something, but that would be a pain with the sticks all ready nailed to the board. then i though about using some clear plastic disks a friend had given me. while i was looking for that, i came across a button, that i took apart and ripped the paper off of. i flattened it with a hammer and then tried to super glue it to the board. looks official, right?

it didn’t work. so i nailed it down.

and there you have it!

overall, i am very pleased. there are a few things i will do differently next time. but that is how we grow.

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