thank yous!

last weekend our family friend jeanee threw me a lovely shower in springfield. it was great to see family and friends that i haven’t seen in a while. it was also odd to be opening presents when it wasn’t my birthday or christmas. i got some very nice things from some very nice people. and now it is time for my first round of thank you cards.

i thought about ordering some online from my favorite card company, but then i decided to make them (at least some of them).

so yesterday i bought some solid colored cards to stamp and this morning, we got to it.

here are the supplies…all from hobby lobby ( i know, they support fred phelps, but i don’t have many choices)

acrylic craft paint ($.99 a bottle), blank cards ($9.99 for 40), paper paint pallet, craft brushes, stamps, paper towels

we used the same technique as the tags

so put the paper on a piece of paper towel, load the stamp up with paint, press down and remove carefully…

for the best use of your time, do more than one each time you dirty up a stamp

once the first letter is dry, move on

and again with the other letter

taaaadaaaaa! personalized thank you card

mean while, on the other side of the craft room sweat shop….

4 thoughts on “thank yous!

  1. awwww shucks…that made me smile! great story with a surprise ending! …Torre you look marva.lous!

    Terra, I am going to fayettville the weekend of the 12, august. would like to come by for a short visit and leave some house gifts for you. I will be camping at Beaver and could drop in when its convenient. because I believe they would scare Bryce, I will leave crazy women in camp. xox A. cat

    1. thanks mama!
      al- i will always take your wisdom 🙂
      aunt cathe- that sounds lovely! hit me up and we can figure it out! bryce is having his manweekend at the lake, so i will be flying under the radar, with a small chance of being out of town. get in touch and we can figure it all out!

  2. house guest with a purpose! from now until the wedding any and all guests must submit to manual labor or creative endeavors-price of the view. the cards look great.

  3. Oh I so wish I could be there to physcially contribute!! I will happily contribute witty comments and wisdom anytime 🙂 side note: PLEASE let me know if I can help from afar and the ‘thank you’ cards are amazing! Second side note: have you thought about teaching craft classes at the local Joann’s or Michael’s? You would be awesome at that!

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