holy sheets!

perhaps you have seen my plea for sheets. and perhaps you wonder what the heck i am doing with them. well, i will tell you a little of it. i don’t have all the specifics worked out yet, but here are the basics.

photo from projectwedding.com

this is what we are going for

except on a slightly larger scale.

so last week torre, alex and i went all over springfield to thrift shops and raided my mom’s closets and came up with about 30 sheets of varying colors and sizes.

yesterday i spent a good portion of my day measuring the sheets, and scoring them for easy tearing.

i ripped one to see how it looks, and i really love the unfinished, tattered edges and i am going to be buff by the time i am done ripping all these up. heads up if you are headed to my house anytime before the wedding, you may be getting ripped too.

here are all the sheets and fabric, ready for rippin’!

and here is the craft room, all tuckered out after a hard days work

all in all we have a little over 11,000 feet of fabric, ready to be ripped. and i only need about 4x that amount. woops! thanks to help from the family, we will be also throwing in some ribbon and i will be looking for $1 yards of fabric and sales on fabric around town.

if you have old sheets, fabric, whatever, that you want taken off your hands, let me know! more on this one to come…

3 thoughts on “holy sheets!

  1. i’m pretty sure i can dig up some fabric & sheets…do you have any KC peeps headed that way?? any particular colors or length for the fabric??

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