so i feel like most days of my life go like this:

wake up. go back to sleep for at least 5 minutes just because i can. get out of bed quickly after that so b doesn’t think i am a total waste of space. put on clothes (this term is to be taken lightly. my current uniform consists mostly of running shorts, t-shirts, and unkept hair. you can forget the make-up. bra optional, unless leaving the house). relocate to couch. check facebook. check email. unsubscribe from at least one enewsletter. maybe harass some friends while they are at work. maybe start some laundry. whip up one of these bloggityblogs. and then it is usually around 10:45. so i harass b about getting food. and then after lunch i start to feel the need to accomplish something. the looming list keeps me, at least partially, in check. sometimes that is errands. sometimes it is wedding shit. sometimes it is packing/cleaning/sorting/moving. then sometime between 3:00 and 5:00 i stop. b gets done working or jessica calls when she gets done with school for the day or i need to bathe myself for whatever friend hang out is happening that night (honestly, most of the time i only shower if i am going to leave the house, otherwise take me as i am). then we sit outback, weather permitting, order some kind of food (remember when i was on weight watchers? either) and sit around chatting and drinking until people remember it is a school night and they head out. then sleep aaaaannnnnnddddd repeat.

i should add that the above only occurs on hangover free days. apparently not having a job means you have to party like a college kid, except you aren’t in college any more and you feel like total crap for at least one day after your poor decision making. those days go a little something like this:

wake up. feel like death. chug water. try to ignore any nausea. chug water. wish i had food in my fridge (kitchen has been packed for months. i forget what they sell at the grocery store). take a shower as long as i can handle being vertical. put on clothes. lay on couch. feel like death. feel genuinely sorry for anyone i was out with the night before that is at work. order jimmy johns. sleep. feel like an ahole for being so worthless. sleep. eat. watch tv in a comatose state. sleep. try not to repeat.

things that are missing from this equation include, but are not limited to: breakfast, exercise, cooking, reading, exercising the mutts, a respect of the food pyramid, a hangover free lifestyle.

long story short, this girl needs a routine.

yes, i am so excited to finally move. yes, i am so excited to get started on making the house our home. yes, i can’t wait to spend time on the lake. of course i am pumped to see my family. and to get started on the decorations for the wedding. but what i am most excited about is getting back into a routine.

i just started to write that i would spend my first month in arkansas focusing on a healthy routine. and all ready i had to ask myself if that is an attainable goal. just tonight we were trying to figure out when a good time for some friends to come visit and this summer is busy. with calendar dates. not even with projects yet. so is it attainable? yes. i have upheld a routine in the midst of insanity before. do i have the will power to do it now? that is the real question.

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