santa’s not the only one


lists. without them i would probably get even less done than i seem to get done now.

when i was working lists dominated my day. my desk was covered with scrap paper folded vertically in half, covered with tasks, reminders, questions. piles and piles of these things.

i am a total dork for my lists too. for example, i get more fulfillment out of creating and checking a box when i have compleated a task, then just marking it off the list. why? i dunno. i am a weirdo. i will also put remedial things on the list, just so i can get that sense of accomplishment. wake up? CHECK! ROCKSTAR!!

the content on the lists has changed, obviously, but my need for them has not. between the moving and the wedding to-do lists are a must. yesterday b and i made an overall moving check list, including errands that need to be run, phone calls that need to be made and tasks that need to be accomplished. now i feel like i need to break it down day by day to ensure that everything is taken care of with the least amount of stress possible.

i need to make a wedding to do list, but moving comes first. i can’t let one list distract from the other! plus, with the wedding checklist there are some decisions that need to be made and i am just not ready to deal with them until this move thing is over with. being indecisive and planning a wedding are not friends.

so off i go! lets hope today’s list is covered with checkmarks and accomplishments.

the clock is ticking down…

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