if you never try, you never fail

i am scared. i had big ideas and no backup plan. this is not typical behavior for me.

so i did what i tend do when life doesn’t give me what i want, i drank a little too much wine and i picked up a self-help book.

the happiness project by gretchen rubin is wonderful, and just what i needed. even after reading the reviews of the book i was excited enough to push it onto my book club girls. and it seemed cool enough that some of them are willing to read it too.

from the opening:

“It was time to expect more of myself. Yet as I thought about happiness, I kept running up against paradoxes. I wanted to change myself but accept myself. I wanted to take myself less seriously-and also more seriously. I wanted to use my time well, but I also wanted to wander, to play, to read at whim. I wanted to think about myself so I could forget myself. I was always on the edge of agitation; I wanted to let go of envy and anxiety about the future, yet keep my energy and ambition.”

um. hi. thanks for putting words to my thoughts.

i started reading it a few weeks ago and have had to fight the urge to just sit down and devour the whole thing. i need to take my time with it, to formulate my own thoughts. i want to not just read the book, but study her ideas within the context of my own life. with that being said, i also think that there is a lot to gain by just simply reading her experience. the lessons she points out are so obvious and so overlooked. i all ready find myself challenging some of the ways i think because of her advice.

check it out, or follow me on my journey.

thanks for checking out my new place. it needs a little tlc, but i think it will be juuuuuust fine.

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