the b word

months back i read an article on huffington post, The One Word to Never Ever Say at Work.
and felt immediately guilty.
just that night on my commute home from work (about 45 minutes) i was chatting with a friend and she asked me how work was and my response was “busy, busy, busy”.
what does that even mean? that isn’t what she wanted to know. there is no information there.
and what, she hadn’t been busy too? we are all busy!
the next day i wrote busy on my dry erase board with the big ol’ red circle with the line through it and since then it has become a forbidden word inside the walls of my office.
we refer to it at work as the “b word”.
being “busy” keeps us from doing our best work.  it makes me feel panicked and kept me from shutting off for months on end. it seeped into my personal life and it got all “busy” too. and i felt awful.
another article, Busy Is The New Lazy, also touches on some great reasons to strike this word from your vocabulary.

toight, via facebook. some badass galpals had posted some articles i had read before.
the first is another Huffington Post article, 23 Things Every Woman Should Stop Doing.i am happy to say that i feel like i don’t do a good majority of this list.
i still sometimes have issues with 2, 3, 4 and 6, but we all have issues. right?
{are men even inclined to read this kind of stuff? i highly doubt it, but that is a whole other post.}

and then i was reminded of the 10 Things Not to Say at Work on Refinery 29. also for the ladies.
i am guilty of most of these, i think.
i will be printing out those 10 things and posting them in a place that i see often in my office. and with time and intention, these too will be banished from my vocabulary.

while you are at it, go check out 10 Rules for Brilliant Women. i will be printing this out as well. and likely hanging it in more places than my office at work.

how do you make new habits? break old ones?
if you do something to help this stuff sink in, let me know!


4 thoughts on “the b word

  1. I love our bonds of badassery. And I’m also a fan of the printing/posting for reinforcement. I do it at home and at work. Comes with the territory as a word nerd 😉

  2. Also agree about the b word and the psycho crazy hold it potential has on a brain.
    Lately, I’ve given myself permission to say, “No, I’m at capacity.” Too me “capacity” has a mental image that busy does not- capacity implies a bucket that can hold a finite number of things. “Capacity” reminds me of the number of things currently in my mental/ emotional buckets. Remembering my current commitments, reminds me that saying “no” never hurts as bad as I think it might.

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