olympics=dinner on couch

i have been a pretty big loser in the cooking department for an embarrassingly long time. so tonight i decided it was time to cook. i had picked out a couple recipes for us to try this week, in addition to at least one night of fish (from the mister’s alaskan fishing trip) and vegetables. since one of them involved lettuce and i forgot that i needed to get it, i made the other.

spicy spaghetti sauce with black beans from whole foods.


it was super easy and super good. i would encourage you to over season it. bryce made some guacamole to go with it. yes. i would do that too if i were you.

while the squash was baking, i made some kale chips. we had the prechopped, bagged kale. kale chips are good. they remind me of my favorite brussels sprouts, crispy ones , except they aren’t as time consuming. score. to try these out on your own:
  1. preheat oven to 350°
  2. buy bagged kale if you are lazy like me. if you are not lazy like me, you need to rinse it, remove the stems and rip the leaves into smaller pieces.
  3. toss them in oil oil, so they are lightly coated
  4. then toss them with seasoning you want.
  5. spread on a baking sheet (covered in foil for easy clean up)
  6. bake for 12 minutes.

i used some garlic powder and paprika. when they were done, i sprinkled parmesan cheese on half of them. bryce added some garlic salt. they were good.

have you made anything lately that i need to try? we are keeping things fairly grain free around here.

if you want a peek at what i am up to in the kitchen (or at least what i would like to be up to in the kitchen) check out my pinterest.
i hope you are well!

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