{get crafty} week 13- 5th Ave. Coloring Book, take two!

years ago i picked up some fabrics at hobby lobby to have around for crafting. one of them is this wonderful print of shopping ladies, with dots and roses. i loved it. the first thing i ever did with it was paint it, like a coloring book. it sold at my show and was one of everyone’s favorites.

i had plenty of fabric left, so i stretched 5 more and got to work. and they have sat uncompleted since then. it has been almost two years. fast forward to last weekend. i decided the girls could use a different twist, so i busted out the embroidery hoop and got to work. little did i realize just how much work i had to do. here is what we started with:


i was working on this thing on rides to and from town, on a family fishing outing, when i had free time this week (READ: not a lot)…


and here is where we are at. i have a lot more work to do, but i really like how it is coming along.





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