{get crafty} week 12- she believed, colored pencil and letraset on wood

this weekend we traveled to see all kinds of family for easter and when we finally made it home on sunday, crafting was not on the to-do list. cleaning, laundry, relaxing and game of thrones were. last night i chose to work in the garden at bryce’s aunts and then hang out with family. i honestly didn’t think i would be crafting tonight either, but working out fell to the side and getting my craft on stepped in.

at first i was at a loss as far as what i wanted to do. i got onto my pinterest boards to have a look around and see if anything created a spark. knowing my timeline was fairly short, a lot of things were just not possible. but then i came across  a saying i had really liked.

she believed she could, so she did.

and immediatly i thought of one of the many amazing ladies in my life. her’s isn’t my story to tell, but siiiiiiiiiister… this one is for you.

i am going to shock you all, but i used a piece of wood. i picked a smaller one, since it has to travel, via the UPS, to pennsylvania. heather, next time you come home i will give you something bigger to take back with you. until then, this will have to do.

i traced a bird and a circle, pretty much my signature/go to. i was going to paint, but my colored pencils were sitting out, so i decided to give them a whirl on the circle.


i liked how it looked and decided to keep going with the pencils.


next up, the letters. first step, make sure you have enough letters.


i chose to go with the white letters, as they were smaller. a little letter transfer and it was done.

i slapped a coat of mod podge on it to seal the letters and as soon as it is dry i will get it in the mail! maybe you can put it on your new desk!

h-i love you so much and i am so very proud of you for more reasons that i care to list here, but i hope that you know them all. you believe you can, i believe you can and we both know you will. hell, you all ready are. keep taking those leaps of faith.

as a side note: i feel like i need to say it to the world, the birds that you see all over my stuff come from two, metal birds that my dear friend kelly gave to me years ago. they were a part of a project for her when she was in art school at KU. i loved them and she gave them to me and lets me plaster their outline all over my work. and i love her for it. she was also one of the first people to push me out of my comfort zone in the creating department. one day she gave me a piece of wood, some magazines, glue, ink, paint, crayons and colored pencils and encouraged me to just go with it. she made my collages something more. last week she sent me a photo of the piece i made her that first weekend, hanging in her apartment. i love it. thanks kel.

you all have given me the best gift ever, the right to create. check out my mess!


3 thoughts on “{get crafty} week 12- she believed, colored pencil and letraset on wood

  1. You are awesome. Thank you so much. I LOVE it and it will be going on my desk. Thank you for loving me, supporting me and listening to me. I love you siiiiiisster

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