{get crafty} week 9- spring study, acrylic on wood

it is gorgeous in the ozark hills right now. green, purple, white and yellow buds are everywhere. i can’t help but stare. here is the view of our back”yard”.

so i couldn’t help but be inspired by the spring. i can’t ever.

so i took a scrap piece of wood, i know, shocking, and i got to work! first, i used the hexagon stencil and traced it on three sides.

then i painted, using the hexagons as a guide

once i painted all the flowers, i gave them yellow centers. i followed that up with a nice coat of polyurethane.

and here she is all dry

pretty happy. pretty excited to do this again, bigger. overall the study was a success.

6 thoughts on “{get crafty} week 9- spring study, acrylic on wood

  1. … your view of the seasons are a real gift. two days ago when the sun was shining and the wind gusting… the pond looked like it was full of glitter. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. are you zoomed in on this pic? I would love to see a close zoom of this…..:?

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