please hold…

so today is tuesday and typically this post would be a creation of some sort, but since we were on vacation in utah until late sunday night, i have not created anything. I WILL! I PROMISE! you will have something to look at by the end of the week.

on pinterest lately i have been running into lots of words about art, and creating and not being afraid. and these are things i need to hear. taking a step out of ones comfort zone is where the most growth occurs. that has always been scary to me and in creating it is just as scary. to take it to the next level means that i might ruin it, but it also means that it might be amazing. i have to wrap my head around the fact that not every week will be a winner, but that the journey is the important part.

so for now i will leave you with this and i will work on mentally gearing up to share my successes and my failures with you all.

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