{get crafty} week 2- tissue paper window

where are the doily lamps you ask?

it was a no go. no time. no doilies. no desire to make it. no need for a doily lamp.

so i was going to make one of the others, the collage and stencil. i had a great idea. i was going to use book pages instead of magazine pages and then for the stencil i was going to use my birch tree stencil that i bought to do the dresser last year.

um. have you seen my birch tree stencil? me either.

so clearly, that wasn’t going to work.

what i did have this tissue paper from anthropologie that came in a gift i got for my bachelorette. i loved the paper and saved it, knowing i wanted to make it into something that i could hang in my home. i have thought for some time that it would be neat in a window, but had just never done it.

so i did it.

isn’t this paper gorgeous? in it i see ladies and bunnies and birds and flowers.

i had the choice of a 6 pane window or a two pane window. i went with the 6.

next decision: red side or brown side?

brown side. i really like all the old screw holes and hinge markings.

so i cleaned the panes on the red side, as that was the side i would be gluing to.

my grandma bought a box with about 5 different kinds of mod podge in it at an auction and gave it to me a few years ago. i went through the matte and glossy bottles for the wedding. we are onto outdoor mod podge. does this make a difference? no clue

so i took the paper and ripped it into pieces that were roughly the same size as the panes. i am sure measuring the paper and cutting it out would probably suit some of you better, but not this girl.i tore it. put mod podge on the glass and on the edges of the pane and lightly pushed it down with my fingers. i didn’t care about air bubbles. on some i tried harder than others to get it all smoothed out and i think i like the ones with more bubbles better. go figure.

repeat this for all 6 frames.

i let it dry over night. the next day i ripped the excess paper off…

and VIOLA!

so what will i do with this bad boy? hang it in my guest room window.

i promise i will show you a picture when it is hung with the morning light streaming through.

to see what’s going on with {get crafty} next week, check this out.

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