too good not to share

yesterday we did our usual sunday (when we are in town and don’t have company) routine. got up, made coffee, made breakfast and planned out our meals for the week and made our grocery list.

when i make my list i go through all the recipes we have chosen for the week and write down anything we don’t have. then we go through the fridge and take stock of how the produce looks and what else we are out of. that all gets added to the list. then from that list i make another one with everything split out by department. produce. dairy. canned goods. frozen. other.

last week we spent sunday prepping some cut up veggies, that were great to go to during the week, and also put points on most of the things we use on the regular. this week we had some veg that was one the edge and needed to be cooked sooner than later. plus it makes for an easy night when dinner just needs to be reheated.

bryce made a pan of baked ziti that was based off a weight watchers recipe, but we left out the meat and added more mushrooms and spinach. and knowing us, a ton more garlic than called for.

Source: via terra on Pinterest


bryce had some tonight and liked it. it is only around 6 points.we used more cheese than told to, but we included it in our calculations. once it had cooled a bit i split it up into one and two portion servings, so lunch is all ready ready all ready.

while he was busting out the ziti, i was working for our dinner for the evening, which we knew we would have left overs of as well. we had a lot of corn tortillas that needed to be used, as well as a bunch of spinach and other vegetables. i also found this recipe on pinterest.


i did a few things different with the recipe. we couldn’t find a poblano, so i used two jalapenos. we also had a bunch of small sweet peppers, so i used them in place of the red bell pepper. i also chose to leave out the corn. i used olive oil instead of grape seed and a lot more than a pinch of salt and pepper. lets see…i also used 3 cloves of garlic instead of 2. i put about a cup of fresh cilantro into pace picante sauce. i also used a 2% mexican cheese blend. it came into 10 pts per serving ( 4 servings).

they were amazing. i would pay money for this. what might i do different? i think using queso fresco or monteray jack cheese could be better.feta might do something for it too. so would fresh salsa. but they were all ready really good. i can’t wait to eat them again.

this is what mine looked like.

roasted vegetable stacked enchiladas. soooo good. i would pay... on Twitpic

my pan got too full for the top layer of veggies, so i will get to enjoy them on the side. the roasted vegetables alone are wonderful and something i think i will try to have on hand to make veggie sandwiches with.

i am loving pinterest (like so many others are) for so many reasons, but one of them is finding all these great blogs that i wouldn’t have found on my own. perry’s plate, where the enchilada recipe originated from, looks like an awesome blog that i will enjoy going through and trying recipes out of.

so all that is left on our list to make for the week is vegetarian tortilla soup and maybe a broccoli soup, to use up the green stuff before it goes bad.

if they are as good as those enchiladas you will hear all about it.

hope you had a nice weekend.


2 thoughts on “too good not to share

  1. yay! glad that you had success with that recipe as it is one I plan on trying. we’re trying to go more veggie here and I am trying really hard to find things that even my picky eaters will go for. This was definitely on my list. In my “spare time” I was thinking of writing about my food adventures. yeah right! in my dreams. thank you for writing such a wonderful blog and doing it so frequently!

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