wedding crap: the dress

i went through quite the thought process about wedding dresses, if you recall…

i ended up walking into the studio of janay a. handmade with a dress i found on sale for $99.00

here is that dress the day i found it. pardon the camera phone photo…the dress also had straps, but at that point i thought that i would have them removed.

the girls and i had spent some time talking about the dress the nigh before and brainstormed some ideas…cutting the hem along the flower lines, adding some volume in the skirt, perhaps even a colored underskirt. i felt immediately comfortable with janay. i showed her the dress and we sat together coming up with ideas. she was on the same page as me and all the anxiety was gone (for now). together we decided to add a tulle skirt under the dress, for some volume. she suggested that we keep the straps, as converting the dress to strapless would be a lot of work, but more than that it wouldn’t be as comfortable, and comfort was at the top of my list of must haves. so we kept the straps, but set them out wider on the dress. she also suggested putting a tulle overlay on the skirt to tone down the flowers and to finish all up she would add a sash and bow. but not a typical bow. she showed me some photos and i was sold. we decided to do the tulle, sash and bow in champagne, even though the dress was ivory. i was a little unsure, but this woman makes amazing dresses, so i went with it.

at the first fitting here is where we were at

no sash or bow yet, but coming along nicely. i think after this fitting i kind of freaked out. thinking that i wasn’t going to like it when it was done. it was a little poofy on my hips and even though janay explained the sash and bow would change it all, i still freaked out a bit.ย  the other problem was that around this time i decided i wanted to have attendants, so i started looking at colored dresses again and fell in love with so many (starting this process i never thought i would wear white in any hue), but nothing that took me away from my dress. kelly and morgan stayed on me about the dress and also signed on to come to the final fitting, as no one had seen any of the progress in person, but me.

when i went back to kc for my long stay in august we had (what was supposed to be) my final fitting. the girls came. and as i got into the dress, we ripped the zipper out. the zipper wasn’t well made to start with and we had toyed with the idea of replacing it when we started, but didn’t go through with it. janay was great about it. kept the situation totally stress free. and my dress was ready to come home with me when i headed back to arkansas. after the last fitting i was feeling good about it. all the details were coming together and the dress went with it all.

day of i put it on and knew it was perfect. and it never failed me. i felt beautiful and original and comfortable in it all night. i really do wish i could wear it again. i have gotten tons of compliments, so thanks janay!!!

i think a lot of people overlook custom-made dresses, thinking it is too expensive, but i would urge anyone to check out janay a. handmade. she will make you feel like you, just you on your wedding day.


photo credit: tim fleenor with cornerstone photography kansas city.



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