interesting tid-bit

when deciding on our processional i came across this:

In all cases, the bride traditionally stands on the left, and the groom on the right. This dates back to medieval times when the groom might need to defend his bride in the middle of the ceremony, and wanted to leave his right hand, his sword hand, free. While few grooms even carry a sword anymore, the tradition has lasted.

i think grooms should carry swords.

5 thoughts on “interesting tid-bit

    1. don’t think i didn’t get a mental image of bryce with a sword. but i pictured it with the kilt, but, to the dismay of many, he opted out of wearing a kilt at the wedding. so with the get up he chose i think a pocket knife would be more fitting. or maybe a machete, just for fun.

      1. All is well. I can’t wait to see pics of your wedding-it is sure to be beautiful and fun! All the best to you both. 🙂

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