nocturnal me

it’s 1:30 am . i can’t sleep.

this morning b had to catch an early flight. we left for the airport around 4:30 am. on our way out we saw a news camera set up and wondered what was going on. about 15 minutes later on the radio we heard that the kck police department are seeking the public’s help in finding a man suspected in two rapes in the rosedale neighborhood. my neighborhood. now the news truck made sense. and i knew i wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight.

this afternoon jessica came over to hang out. we sat out front for a while and then moved to the back porch. eventually we went to blue koi to devour veggie dumplings and tofu with chinese curry. our server suggested we get the pan fried noodles instead of the rice. oh man, he was so right. after that we went to target. jessica dropped me off at home just in time to go see bride’s maids with meredith. she was sweet enough to agree to stay over with me. we didn’t get out of the movie until midnightish. and i am still pretty awake. or at least not wanting to sleep. all the windows are locked. all the locks that can be locked are locked. there is someone else here with me and we have 3 big dogs.  i still can’t sleep.

and now it is storming.

when i first started staying with b all the time and he would leave town for business i would get so freaked out. before we got winston, luna was not a barker. she was the worst watchdog ever. with the addition of winston she has gotten a lot more vocal and he isn’t afraid to use his voice if he deems it necessary. only recently have i been at peace home alone. when my mom was here we were talking about the waldo rapist and how horrible it must have felt for the people living there. and then the next day i find out about this.

our inspection is tomorrow, so please send us some good vibes.

this girl, and her anxiety, are ready for country life.

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