i am moving, right?

so i have been preparing for a move since some point in march. it is most definitely mid-june and i still haven’t moved. more boxes have been packed, we have even scheduled the truck, but it still doesn’t seem like i am moving.

we are set to close on the 27th and i wish it was tomorrow just so i could know if it is going to actually happen or not. we are getting the truck on the 24th to give us plenty of time to pack. we kept it longer on the back end too, so we will have longer to unpack. we are going to be sore and tired. and i can’t wait until that part is over. there is all ready talk of some house guests for the long july 4th weekend. this excites me!

we just need to get there.

lucky i am blessed with wonderful friends (with wonderful vacation days or summers off) that are ready and willing-some even EAGER- to help…and to get out of the city for a bit. and i can’t wait to take them up on their offers. between getting the house taken care of and crafting/shopping for the wedding i will need all the help i can get, which is a lot! everyone has been so generous with their offers. i really appreciate it and would probably be begging you if you didn’t offer.

today i put down the deposit on the tent, chairs, tables and linens. i also am starting to put together a simple wedding website so our guests can get the scoop. for invites we are just planning on using postcards with basic info and a link to the site. at least one person from each family we are inviting is internet savvy, so this will be a great way to manage RSVPs, keep costs low and do something to offset the disposable plates i think i will be using….sorry earth. BYOP if this pisses you off.

i can’t wait until i have more to give you then the run down of my day. thanks for hangin’ in there.

until tomorrow!

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