take that wednesday!

i did it!

i cleaned my house. i am not sure the last time it was properly picked up. i think between the boxes and the traveling and the unknowns we had just kinda given up. it looked like a bomb went off in here. a cardboard-dog hair-beer bottle-trash-crap everywhere bomb.

so after i met morgan and brian for a hilarious impromptu brunch, i got to work.

i finished repacking (that’s right REPACKING) some of the crap boxes that we got from costco that were buckling under their own weight. as a side note, tape also does not stick to these boxes…then i headed into the guest room to start tying up loose ends in there so that when b comes home we can get everything out of the upstairs and get it crossed off the final cleaning check list.  i bagged up quilts and coats and marked several boxes as “random”. then i moved all that crap out into the living room, rearranged the boxes so that the vent wouldn’t be blocked and to minimize the chance that the mutts will rip open the trash bags full of stuff. brought up boxes from the basement to see what we really have going on down there. started some more laundry. did some dishes. cleaned the kitchen. did some wedding crap. paid some bills. vacuumed up 8 dogs worth of hair and the mess leftover from those little bastards destroying  sleeves of saltines (they are lucky they are cute). did a little dusting. then ventured into the ungodly heat to do training with winston and now, this bitchin blog.

what’s next you ask?? shower and cocktails…duh.

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