fingers crossed!

well, we put another offer in on a different house and on friday we found out that it has been accepted!

i am currently holding my breath, hoping that we don’t have any issues like we did with the last house.

the last house was small and sweet. it was a two bedroom, two bath, with a finished basement and an awesome screened in porch. it was built in the 80s and hadn’t been touched again since then, except to finish the basement. we were going to be able to put a decent amount into it to make it ours. we were going to be able to pay if off very early. it was a short walk to family. we were probably going to have to move sometime in the next 5 years.

this house is a bit different. let’s just say we have plenty of room for you and yours to come and visit us. and more bathrooms than i ever want to clean. don’t be surprised if one is roped off when you come to visit. oh, and it sits on 8.5 acres so we won’t be bothered and will not be bothering anyone else. it is a two level home built into a hill. you walk in on the top floor and the basement is fully finished and exposed on 3 sides. there is a huge craft room with floors that won’t care if i get paint on them. there is a desk height outlet every 4 feet. b thinks the previous owners used it as a sweat shop. i think that it is awesome that i can have 18 glue guns plugged in at once! there is no screened in porch, which is a real bummer for me as i am quite the snack for bugs, but there is an amazing deck, with a view of the lake that should make up for the bug bites. we are about 15 minutes by car to family. not bad!  the layout of the house is awesome. the cosmetics of the home? um, we have some work to do. these people had horrid taste! did you know you can paint laminate countertops? i didn’t. but when you see what my bathrooms are rocking you will see why i looked into it!

i will give you a full tour when we get there. until then, here are some pics from the listing site-the front of the house (again, paint) and a view from the back, that just doesn’t do it justice.

keep your fingers crossed friends!!

2 thoughts on “fingers crossed!

  1. I am so flippin’ excited about this! Sometimes when the real estate gods close a door, they open a window… in a home built for 10!
    Love you!

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