baby steps

the other day a friend posted a link to this article on Facebook. the article is called 7 Foods You Should Never Eat  and i found it to be incredibly interesting. i know lots of people would like to start making changes in their eating, but there is so much information our there that one can be easily overwhelmed. i totally understand that, as i am one of those people myself. i know there are things i need to be conscious of, but feel lost in all of the information whenever i set out to make changes in my own life.

over a year ago bryce and i started cutting down on the amount of meat we eat after he read Eating Animalsyou may know it’s author, jonathan safran foer, from his novels Everything is Illuminated and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. i actually had never made the correlation before writing this and his fiction books have been on my want to read list for a while. Eating Animals is a memoir of the author’s journey to resolve his struggle between being an ominvour and a vegetarian. with a baby on the way, he feels like it is his moral duty to make informed decisions on what and how his child will eat.

bryce read the book over a business trip and came home with a new perspective. i was all ready someone who didn’t like cooking with meat. i don’t like touching it raw. it grosses me out. so taking it mostly out of my diet was not a problem. we had done very well with our new eating, until the move. since then things have been a little out of control, but i know it is something that is important to both of us. we have all ready discussed making it a priority again.

when i read the article  i mentioned up top, it brought a few other things to the table and presents an easy way to start taking baby steps towards a healthier, more conscious diet. i may not be able to be 100% vegetarian and organic tomorrow, but i can start going in the right direction the next time i go to the store.

in short here are the 7 foods to avoid.

  1. canned tomatoes
  2. corn-fed beef
  3. microwave popcorn
  4. nonorganic potatoes
  5. farmed salmon
  6. milk products with artificial hormones
  7. conventional apples

i strongly suggest you take the time to read the article to see the reasoning behind each of these and their suggestions for working around these foods. the one that i would like to point out is the website . this website is a tool for finding natural, humane, grass-fed beef, lambs, goats, poultry, etc.. also, check out what your local health food store carries in the way of natural meats. localharvest is another great site to help you find natural meat, as well as organic fruits and veggies and CSA’s. i know that living a meat free life isn’t for everyone and that not everyone can blow their budget eating all organics, but you can make smart decisions about what you are putting on the table for you and for your family. ignorance is not bliss. i often find myself being lazy and eating what is around, and for that reason i think i am going to dust off eating animals and give myself a refresher as to why i eat how i eat.

the next time i go to the store i am going to keep the 7 foods to avoid in mind. they are small changes that could make a big difference.

5 thoughts on “baby steps

  1. I read the same article last week. I’ve gone organic and grass fed as much as possible. I also buy local in a great CSA type program here. It is really hard and really expensive. baby steps is right. it’s great that you and Bryce are on the same page about the hazards of food, as that is one of my struggles. You go!

  2. Interesting, as I didn’t know that about canned tomatoes, which I don’t eat that often, as I prefer fresh, but which I just bought a bunch of because of two recipes I was going to try this week. Damnit! But no more for me! Thanks for sharing.

  3. we have a lot of canned tomatoes too and use them often when we are throwing together things for dinner….so i was bummed. i think we will finish them out and make the switch. so i will be on the lookout for canned or boxed in the mean time.

  4. One thing I would like to point out is that Muir Glen’s tomato can liners do not contain BPA as of this year, at least according to their site’s news section. I think they are a responsible company anyway so I tend to believe someone like them. Plus they are DELICIOUS, so it’s not a sacrifice. In the KC area Hy Vee’s carry them in the Health Market, but so does Whole Foods and some other conventional grocery stores.

    That article was great though, very informative.

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